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World Insurance Report 2019: In search of better risk management

The World Insurance Report, a yearly collaboration between Capgemini Financial Services and Efma has been tracking technology’s impact on the insurance sector for more than a decade. In the 12th… Read more »

World Insurance Report 2018: farewell business as usual

In the insurance industry, there is no longer such a thing as “business as usual”: new players, innovations, and technologies (blockchain, AI, and IoT) have created new business models and… Read more »

World Insurance Report 2017 on trust and innovation

The 2017 World Insurance Report draws upon Capgemini’s Voice of the Customer survey to track changing consumer preferences when it comes to their insurance transactions. The report was again produced by… Read more »

Ensure InsurTech Returns a Win-Win

Although Financial technology (Fintech) has a mental and physical footprint in banking and payments processing, the insurance industry is being disrupted too by technological start-ups in niches and initiatives to… Read more »