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Ralph K Hawkins & Richard Leslie Parrott – Leadership Lessons Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul

Many books on leadership concentrate on good or ‘best’ practices, often taken from interviews with successful corporations and sociological research. Both nonbelievers, Christians (e.g. John Maxwell) and Mormons (e.g. Stephen… Read more »

Jim Lawless – Taming Tigers: do things you never thought you could

You’re writing your life story. Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s imagination. Here and now really counts. And just dreaming will not take you anywhere. Get out of your comfort zone, face your… Read more »

Graham Allcott – How to be a Productivity Ninja

Many books are written and courses are given about time management. Graham Allcott wants to go beyond that and learn you how to think and act like a Productivity Ninja…. Read more »

Adam Grant – Geven en nemen: de verborgen dynamiek van succes

Na het zien van een presentatie van Adam Grant op Skillsoft.com heb ik in januari de Engelse versieĀ een podium gegeven en toen de Nederlandse versie Geven en nemen: de verborgen… Read more »

Adam Grant – Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

There are a lot of books on success. Normally we associate success, whether it’s professional or in business, with talent, hard work (often as a result of a nature-or-nurture argument)… Read more »