Tag: South-Africa

Julie Fisher – Importing Democracy

In Importing Democracy, Julie Fisher explores how democracy is developing in South Africa, Tajikistan, and Argentina. She uses Robert Dahl‘s definition of democracy including three dimensions – political opposition, public participation,… Read more »

TEDx Amsterdam 2015 – Big Questions part 2

De 2015 editie van TEDx Amsterdam (de 7e alweer) belicht #BigQuestions en geeft antwoorden vanuit technologie, entertainment en design. Ten opzichte van eerdere jaren opvallend veel bijdragen in het Nederlands,… Read more »

Margaret Feinberg – Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God

If you doubt whether God hears your prayers, let alone answer them, you’re not alone. Where God wants a relationship, it’s become a monologue from either side. Many Christians suffer… Read more »