Tag: Social Studies

Andy Johnson – Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World That Says You Can’t

According to Andy Johnson Western culture, especially the American (if there’s a single one) is in favor of extroverts. Leaders need to be outspoken, standing firm, agile, charismatic, and decisive,… Read more »

Tracy Brower – Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work : A Guide for Leaders and Organizations

Tracy Brower conducted research, draw from her own experience and interviewed a dozen leaders on ways to Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work. It’s not a matter… Read more »

Nils Roemen & Fanny Koerts – Durftevragen – De kracht van sociale overwaarde

Nils Roemen & Fanny Koerts kunnen honderduit vertellen over het succes van #durftevragen (vaak afgekort tot #dtv) en hun dienstverlening rond het concept durftevragen.com, het voornamelijk via Twitter droppen van een vraag… Read more »