Tag: Sexual norm

Diana Richardson and Wendy Doeleman – Cool Sex: An essential young adult guide to loving, mindful sex

Where the norm regarding human sexuality is heavily influenced by graphic media, hot movie scenes, advertisements, and pornography, it is a one-sided, unbalanced view of sex. Diana Richardson and Wendy… Read more »

Peter Mosgofian – Power Sex and Shame: Overcoming Sexual Exploitation

Drawing on years of experience in family counseling and pastoral guidance, Peter Mosgofian, collected the dynamics of all kinds of sexual exploitation and ways to overcome in Power Sex and… Read more »

Sarah Udoh – But He Calls Me Blessed: When the Unbelievable Happens to Believers

Five very personal testimonies of faith are given in But He Calls Me Blessed: When the Unbelievable Happens to Believers by Sarah Udoh. Women that stayed faithful to God or rediscovered… Read more »

I. J. “Jerry” Weinstock – The Secret Sex Life of Angels

Hyped as a combination of The Da Vinci Code kind of intrigue and controversy, spirituality, and the eroticism of the Kama Sutra, I was offered to take a look at… Read more »

Review Documentary Give Me Sex Jesus

Purity ring, not the Canadian synth pop band, but the affirmation that true love waits. Remember Rebecca St. James singing Wait for Me (2000)? Since she finally married herself, she… Read more »