Tag: Self-Help

Michael R. Clarke – A Modestly Simple Guide to Time Management

Despite the acknowledgement that most of his readers will not do anything with the advice he’s written down in A Modestly Simple Guide to Time Management, Michael R. Clarke has collected… Read more »

Danny Flood – Buy Your Own Island: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Free and Making Your Dreams Reality

Danny Flood is an author, entrepreneur, world traveler, rabble-rouser, friend, and lover from California. He needed more space than a cubicle and decided to live each day to its utmost…. Read more »

Ashley Korin McLean – Confidence: Your Secret Weapon

When I started reading Confidence: Your Secret Weapon, I thought of studying yet another ‘claim your success’ self-help guide. Ashley Korin McLean‘s intentions are to provide hands-on questions and answers to… Read more »