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Sean Young – Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life – for Good

New Year’s resolutions and bad habits, we all can relate to these. Wouldn’t it be helpful to explore an approach with which your desires, wishes, and improvements really stick with… Read more »

Suzanne Weusten – Wij zijn slim en andere dwaalwegen van het denken

Onlangs las en besprak ik Hoe we onszelf voor de gek houden: ABC van denkfouten van psychologe Suzanne Weusten. Haar nieuwe boek, Wij zijn slim en andere dwaalwegen van het… Read more »

Suzanne Weusten – Hoe we onszelf voor de gek houden: ABC van denkfouten

Psychologe Suzanne Weusten kreeg het idee voor¬†een alfabetische¬†ordening van denkfouten in 2012. De rubriek ABC van denkfouten verscheen in 26 wekelijkse afleveringen in de Volkskrant van augustus 2012 tot maart… Read more »

Suzana E. Flores – Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives

Over the past three years Dr. Suzana E. Flores has studied the Facebook phenomenon extensively, interviewing people from across the globe on their experiences with social media addiction, and how… Read more »

David Miller – Psychology: A Simple Guide to Workplace Psychology: Psychology Tips for the Employee

The human psyche is complex. The number of scholars and authors learning and explaining its workings and effects on others in the fields of psychology and sociology is countless. The… Read more »