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Vibrant Publishers – Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

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Minal Bopaiah – Equity: How to Design Organizations Where Everyone Thrives

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Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer – No Rules Rules: Waarom Netflix zo succesvol is

Wie googelt op de bedrijfscultuur van Netflix vindt controversiële oneliners en stellingen die vragen om context. En dat is exact wat Netflix CEO Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer (auteur van… Read more »

Anthony Ranieri – Corporate Psycho – A Max Clarke Satirical Exposé: Book 1

Anthony Ranieri takes his audience look at modern business culture, where Max Clarke tries to find his way as a freshman at Klink corporation to the habits, rationale for unexpected… Read more »

Harvard Business Review Press – HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2021 – The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year from Harvard Business Review

This 2021 edition from Harvard Business Review Press contains 10 articles, originally featured in 2019 and 2020 issues of Harvard Business Review. From pleas to treat climate change seriously, organize… Read more »