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Diana Richardson and Wendy Doeleman – Cool Sex: An essential young adult guide to loving, mindful sex

Where the norm regarding human sexuality is heavily influenced by graphic media, hot movie scenes, advertisements, and pornography, it is a one-sided, unbalanced view of sex. Diana Richardson and Wendy… Read more »

Florence Pérès – Digital Detox: Minder technostress en meer focus dankzij de Touchpoints-methode

Het 24/7 online willen zijn via onze smartphones heeft een groot aantal negatieve effecten. Information overload, stress, fear of missing out (FOMO), een grote kans op bijziendheid, het verlies aan… Read more »

14th International Project Management Day: People, Passion, and Purpose in a Digital Age – Part 1

The 14th International Project Management Day, an online event hosted by the International Institute of Learning, focuses on People, Passion, and Purpose in a Digital Age. Today’s organizations need the… Read more »

Chandresh Bhardwaj – Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex

Chandresh Bhardwaj was raised by Catholic nuns, but found his solace in Hinduism. His family line consists of traditional Indian gurus, and the author continues that tradition. In Break the Norms:… Read more »

Jen Fraser – Everyone’s a Genius: Simple Tips to Boost Your Brilliance Now

Idea generation or ideation is necessary to concert inspiration, random thoughts or daydreaming into the trial and error process that leads to innovation. Indie author and illustrator Jen Fraser helps… Read more »