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E.P. Sanders – Judaism: Practice and Belief 63 BCE – 66 CE

In Judaism: Practice and Belief 63 BCE – 66 CE (2016, 922 pages), E. P. Sanders┬ádares to challenge prevailing views on Second Temple Period Judaism, and readers to get familiar… Read more »

Lessen van de profeet Nahum

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Een eeuw na de bekering van de inwoners van de stad Nineve naar aanleiding van de oproep en waarschuwing van de profeet Jona, zijn de nakomelingen weer volop met afgoderij,… Read more »

Reba Riley – Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing

Sick of Christianish slang and lack of stickiness of a personal faith in evangelical churches, Reba Riley took her 29th year to overcome her Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome (or Post-Traumatic Religion… Read more »

Replace Anger: empty yourself of anger by being filled with mercy, truth, love, kindness, and a tender heart

In Replace Anger, anger expressed by both mankind and God is explored in depth. While other books may deal with anger as manageable or understanding, this book takes a different… Read more »