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Suzanne Schneider – The Apocalypse and the End of History : Modern Jihad and the Crisis of Liberalism

Historian Suzanne Schneider elaborates an interesting perspective on the rise and dispersion of the Islamic State (ISIS, Da’esh) in the light of neoliberalism in the western world, against which IS’s… Read more »

Mojgan Azar – A Lullaby in the Desert: a haunting account of war and desparation

For the very first time, I traveled with Susan, a woman that was born in Iran, who had a narrow escape from sexual harassment in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi… Read more »

Ghada Alatrash – Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women

Ghada Alatrash features Syrian women still living in their home country as well as ones that traded the war zone for a safer place like Canada or the U.S. Stripped… Read more »

Clemens van Brunschot – Zinneling

Zinneling was bedacht als vierde boek, maar schrijver Clemens van Brunschot had de eerste versie in 2014 al klaar. Wat echt het vierde boek gaat worden, vraagt nog wat geduld… Read more »

Michael O’Brien – America’s Destruction of Iraq

In America’s Destruction of Iraq, Washington insider Michael M. O’Brien details the origins of radical Islamic terrorism now spreading as Islamtic State across the Middle East and North Africa. Lack of… Read more »