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Mojgan Azar – A Lullaby in the Desert: a haunting account of war and desparation

For the very first time, I traveled with Susan, a woman that was born in Iran, who had a narrow escape from sexual harassment in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi… Read more »

James Rourke – Out of the Basement

Outwardly, professor and author Michael Tanner celebrates a high-profile book launch with wisdom and spirituality from “Aristotle, Buddha, Abraham Maslow, Bruce Springsteen, and Metallica woven together, somehow, with the Lord… Read more »

Stephan Enter – Pastorale

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De roman Pastorale is geen herderlijk schrijven of idyllische beschrijving van het onbezorgde plattelandsleven. Enter het fictieve Brevedal halverwege de jaren ’80 met een ruim assortiment aan christelijke denominaties, waar… Read more »