Tag: Emotional Intelligence

Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, and Stakeholder Engagement takeaways from IIL International Project Management Day 2017

The 14th International Project Management Day, an online event hosted by the International Institute of Learning, focuses on People, Passion, and Purpose in a Digital Age. Today‚Äôs organizations need the… Read more »

TEDx Amsterdam 2015 – Big Questions part 2

De 2015 editie van TEDx Amsterdam (de 7e alweer) belicht #BigQuestions en geeft antwoorden vanuit technologie, entertainment en design. Ten opzichte van eerdere jaren opvallend veel bijdragen in het Nederlands,… Read more »

George Langelett – How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated?

Classic management theories and practices put emphasis on the “sticks & carrots” approach. Punishment of bad behaviours without a grain of sympathy or engagement, and compensation by salary only. Based… Read more »