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Phillip Williams – Idolatry, Leadership and Terrorism

In Idolatry, Leadership and Terrorism, Phillip Williams takes an uncommon approach to explain terrorism, religious wars and political disengagement. The book uses both Christian meaning of idolatry (even mentioning Baal) as… Read more »

Jezus Christus volgen betekent (ook) lijden

Vanochtend mocht ik weer eens (s)preken in Evangelische gemeente De Graankorrel in Dedemsvaart, onze thuisgemeente. Vanaf het moment dat ik gevraagd werd begin februari, was het zaak ingevingen te noteren… Read more »

Mark Lavie – Broken Spring: An American-Israeli Reporter’s Close-Up View of How Egyptians Lost Their Struggle for Freedom

The Arab Spring (at least that was the perception some years ago) in countries as Libya or Egypt, dominated newspapers’ front pages for only a limited time. Today’s newspaper will wrap… Read more »

James Becker – The Lost Testament

The publishers that brought you Dan Brown, a new title deserves your attention: The Lost Testament by James Becker. Tucked away in the Vatican archives a piece of parchment shouldn’t… Read more »