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Nic Douben – Robot, werk en inkomen

De robotisering rukt op in de samenleving. Niet langer moet je daarbij exclusief denken aan robots die auto’s in elkaar zetten, of op afstand een operatie uitvoeren. Procesautomatisering bij banken… Read more »

Scaling Agile: Feature versus Component Teams?

Kenneth S. Rubin presented during International Institute for Learning’s organized its first Agile and Scrum Virtual Conference. When exploring scaling agile to benefit from the experiences in individual teams, you may have… Read more »

Darren Bridger – Decoding the Irrational Consumer

Darren Bridger looks at a number of the recent theories and ideas underpinning how marketers, ad creators, designers and neuroscientists use neuromarketging data. Most people do not accurately self-report their… Read more »

Yannis Papadogiannis – The Rise and Fall of Homo Economicus

Yannis Papadogiannis, financial journalist is critical towards economists in The Rise and Fall of Homo Economicus: The Myth of the Rational Human and the Chaotic Reality. The economic science failed to predict the… Read more »