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Carrie Stuart Parks – When Death Draws Near

In 2015 I read A Cry from the Dust by Carrie Stuart Parks. Her third Gwen Marcey series instance When Death Draws Near, takes the forensic artist Gwen Marcey to… Read more »

Diane Davies – Breast Cancer Saved My Life; The Wisdom of 12 Years of Survivorship

Diane Davies was diagnosed breast cancer in 2004. She recovered after a breasts removal operation, and got new implants.  She kept a 302-day journal to record her thoughts, feelings, and interactions with her husband,… Read more »

Diann Hunt – Bittersweet Surrender

Bittersweet Surrender (2008) is a very nice story about Carry Westlake, for whom the last couple of years been kind of rough. First she survives breast cancer, but loses her husband who… Read more »