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Jacob D. Myers – Making Love with Scripture: Why the Bible Doesn’t Mean How You Think It Means

Falling in love with the Scripture is not enough to really understand the Bible’s purpose. Theology wasn’t meant to become science. And what to make out of all these theologians… Read more »

N.T. Wright – Paul and His Recent Interpreters

The apostle Paul is popular, yet is his message not easy to catch in a single phrase, theme or agenda. Countless theologians, historians, preachers and laypeople have read the epistles… Read more »

James D. Nogalski – Interpreting Prophetic Literature: Historical and Exegetical Tools for Reading the Prophets

The prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible (Tanach, First or Old Testament) are difficult to read and interpret to many theology and Bible school students. Whether or not you end… Read more »

Vlees vergaan tot straatvuil voorspelt Sefanja

De oordelen die de oudtestamentische profeet Sefanja in de 2e helft van de 7e eeuw voor Christus als woorden van de HEER doorgeeft, liegen er niet om. “Alles zal ik… Read more »