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Wanneer en hoe kan Scrum@Scale helpen om agility in je organisatie te verspreiden?

Het opschalen van de goede ervaringen met Scrum kan langs diverse assen: schaal: het aantal te coördineren teams vanwege de toegenomen complexiteit van projecten. distributie: het aantal locaties waarop met… Read more »

When and how can Scrum help you spread agility throughout the enterprise?

Scrum has the potential to show that complex product development can be done incrementally and iterative. If specifications or requirements of the end result are not clearly defined upfront, you… Read more »

Spreading agility is no mathematics: the benefits and pitfalls of scaling frameworks

In my youngest daughter’s gymnasium, one of the classrooms has a poster on the wall stating: “Biology: the only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing”. It made me… Read more »

Agile and Scrum – Driving Success Through Innovation Conference 2016 part 2

International Institute for Learning organized its first Agile and Scrum Virtual Conference. 5 keynotes and 20 video presentations, Q&A, chat, and networking opportunities in an slick and smoothly working online… Read more »

Henrik Kniberg – Scrum and XP from the Trenches – 2nd Edition

Back in 2007 Henrik Kniberg wrote Scrum and XP from the Trenches in a single weekend while feeling sick. Not that Scrum and XP practices caught him off-guard, but merely as… Read more »