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The Growth of Fintech: From The First Wire Transfer to Blockchain Technology & Beyond

Whether you’ve heard about this particular concept or not, you have surely reaped the benefits of the numerous products and services that originated in the Fintech Revolution. From mundane activities,… Read more »

Welcome to 2019: Top 10 Trends in Life Insurance

Capgemini research shows that Life insurance has been undergoing a prolonged phase of stagnant premium growth. Declining policy ownership combined with quickly-evolving customer expectations create a market paradigm that carriers… Read more »

World Insurance Report 2018: farewell business as usual

In the insurance industry, there is no longer such a thing as “business as usual”: new players, innovations, and technologies (blockchain, AI, and IoT) have created new business models and… Read more »

World Fintech Report 2018 highlights : Don’t Be Left Behind

Capgemini, LinkedIn in collaboration with Efma recently published the World Fintech Report 2018 after last year’s debut. In a live-streamed event on three locations industry experts shared their views in… Read more »

Takeaways from the Capgemini & LinkedIn organized FinTech FaceOff

Today fintech and incumbents industry leaders and key influencers from across Europe and the US joined in a live, industry-shaping online debate around the most compelling future roadmaps for finance:… Read more »