Lucy Pussett – Diary of a Contemporary Woman

In the Diary of a Contemporary Woman by erotic fiction writer Lucy Pussett, the protagonist, Angelique Santoro, is single for the first time in fifteen years. She just turned 34 and feels deeply unhappy within the constraints of traditional, straight relationships. Back as a teenager she already broke free by kissing a girl and unleash herself in physically becoming one flesh with a female classmate. Currently, she lives in an apartment with a gay roommate and tries to separate her professional life from her escapades and dysfunctional family life that came as roller-coaster experiences the last week. From steamy sexual encounters to leading a jiujitsu protegĂ©e to the championship, coping with her dad’s confession to having a long-time extramarital affair, and younger sister Aveline to threatening situations that urge for a red line not to pass.

Rather than offering just the erotic scenes, Lucy Pussett, integrates these into well-thought character development and a reliable narrative. Female empowerment, sisterly love and hate, the steadfast love for her father, and the attempts to keep addictions off the radar mark Lucy and her family and partners.

About the author
Hi I’m Lucy Pussett. I am a first time Novelist from Brighton, England. I started writing during lockdown inspired to do so as I felt there were a desperate need for a girl power character living her life without reservation, without barriers. I live in Brighton with my life partner and our very needy rescue cat and dog! Diary of a Contemporary Woman is the first in the Trilogy of Angelique Santoro’s adventures!

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.