Ester Albini – Myofascial Training : Intelligent Movement for Mobility, Performance, and Recovery

Fascia, the connective tissues just below our skin, support our bones and muscles, give our bodies posture and flexibility. It’s important to keep your whole body fit, strong and mobile. In Myofascial Training: Intelligent Movement for Mobility, Performance, and Recovery, Ester Albini first takes a deep dive into the biology of fascia. Serious stuff, not suitable for superficial reading. It’s the foundation, the rationale for the second part of the book, illustrated exercises with over 600 color photos of the author in action. You may recognize lots of these exercises from your pilates lessons or yoga flow, now put in context.

Albini developed her Fascial Real Emotion (FReE) training program with a step-by-step guide to feel, mobilize, stretch, move, and release your body, starting with simple movements against a wall or on a mat. In order to change fascia, serious commitment is required from your side in order to see results like increased elasticity, energy levels, and feeling younger. Repetition is key, just like any other habit. With Myofascial Training, you will learn to truly listen to and feel how your whole body functions and moves, and how to incorporate the right training exercises to feel your absolute best. This combined textbook and workbook comes with compilations of individual exercises into daily programs. Personally, I liked the chapters with extensive information about the fascia structures and to see so many exercises introduced and explained properly, something Youtube videos usually don’t.

About the author
Ester Albini is the owner of Ester Albini Pilates Academy and cofounder of the Functional Training School (FTS). She is a personal trainer and fitness instructor and has a diploma in fitness from the Swiss Confederation. Her professional training includes an impressive list of credentials, such as Anatomy Trains Levels I and II, IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level I, TRX Level II, Reebok Master Trainer, Polestar, Balanced Body, Gyrotonic Teacher Level 1, and Posturologa Mézières and Bricot. She has been a lecturer for several international schools, including FTS, the Italian Fitness Federation (FIF), Reebok, and the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports (SAFS). Albini is the creator of the Woodpole method, Body Ball Relaxing, and Fascial Real Emotion (FReE). She is also the author of several books and DVDs.

I received a free review copy from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.