Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 1-10 June 2021

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2021 Spotify playlist. Here is the first batch for June.

Tuesday 1 June: Jeremy Loops – Mortal Man

Mortality of men speaks oud loud these days. While we’re alive, we’d better reach out and help each other in difficult times. Here’s South African singer, producer Jeremy Loops with Mortal Man.

Wednesday 2 June: Kyle Gass – Vaccinated

I got my BionTech/Pfizer Comirnaty vaccination today.

Thursday 3 June: Gabbie Hanna – You Oughta Know

For this #throwbackthursday I selected Gabbie Hanna’s cover of Alanis Morissette‘s You Oughta Know (1995). Gabbie Hanna is an American singer-songwriter, Internet personality, author, and actress.

Friday 4 June: Bazart – Anders

Today, Flemish electronic indiepop band Bazart released their new album Onderweg. The smooth and catchy lead single Anders is my catch of the day.

Saturday 5 June: SadBoyProlific & Iriasona – Walking Through the Rain

Need I say more what happened today?

Sunday 6 June: Jan Smit – Als de morgen is gekomen

Today, I walked 30 kilometers between Amsterdam and Edam. I crossed the super tourist magnet Volendam, famous for fish, clogs, and a series of artists and bands, such as Jan Smit.

Monday 7 June: DOMENICO – Danger to Myself (Disco Fries Remix)

Today, I watched a filmed diary by a 15-year old girl with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. DOMENICO’s lyrics to Danger to Myself fit in.

Tuesday 8 June: Thought Beings – Time of the Season

Oops, a cover by synthwave band Thought Beings from The Zombies‘ 1968 hit Time of the Season. And it’s not even Thursday yet.

Wednesday 9 June: FHE – Birthday Suit

Although I haven’t worn a suit since 13 March 2021, I hope to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. FHE mixes the two topics with a heavy nod to the 1980s.

Thursday 10 June: The Moody Blues – Question

It’s my birthday and #throwbackthursday. What single was on top of the hit charts in the Netherlands 51 years ago? The Moody Blues with Question.