Mark Hecht – Family, Friends and Faith: Lessons I Have Learned

In Family, Friends and Faith: Lessons I Have Learned, reverend Mark Hecht shares a bunch of sermons that have a relatable narrative, a portion from the Scriptures, personal or contemporary examples to illustrate the message, and questions to reflect upon as a Bible study group or small group ministry.

It makes sense to share your faith in the most personal, authentic way with autobiographical elements and seeking versions or an exegesis that resonates with your audience. Mark Hecht masters this combination. A major drawback from the chosen structure is, that at a certain point you’ve read enough similar sermons. The book misses a true start and end this way.

About the author

Mark Hecht grew up in the little central Pennsylvania town of Duncansville. His family roots as well as the friendships he made there continue to influence him to this day. His educational route took him to Allegheny College, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Wesley Seminary. He has served 30 plus years as an ordained minister and preacher in a wide variety of churches, from inner-city to small towns. In addition to the local church, Mark has worked as a hospice chaplain and professor of church history at several universities. All of these places and experiences proved to be fertile ground for developing his deep sense of appreciation for the sometimes ordinary events through which God chooses to work. Mark and his wife of thirty-one years, Karen have four adult children. Mark currently serves in Warren, PA.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.