Anthony Ranieri – Corporate Psycho – A Max Clarke Satirical Exposé: Book 1

Anthony Ranieri takes his audience look at modern business culture, where Max Clarke tries to find his way as a freshman at Klink corporation to the habits, rationale for unexpected and ineffective behaviors. Corporate Psycho – A Max Clarke Satirical Exposé: Book 1 is a two-hour read on the absence of normal, educated staff that make deliberate choices for the greater good. No, greed, a lack of sensitivities, decency, and honesty rule.

This satirical mockumentary is fun to read, entertaining for a couple of hours. Personally, I wouldn’t need sequels to indulge myself in a more crappy business culture myself. Rather, I would spend the time to make my teams at my employer and customer better and safer than today.

About the author
Anthony Ranieri is a Melbourne-based professional with a bachelor’s degree in human resources, and he has extensive experience working in senior corporate positions in that capacity. He has written many business articles on the topic of job hunting. Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand published his first book, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, in 2003 and is now in the second edition. His second book, Corporate Psycho: An Expose and Mocumentary on the Adventures of Max Clarke, is a story about workplace behavior and is a satirical view of the corporate culture.

I received a free review copy via Booksirens in exchange for my unbiased opinion upon reading.