Xavier Vega – Digital Minimalism : A Practical Guide to Kicking Bad Habits. Simple Secrets That Will Change Your Life

The downsides of the attention economy, the hours you spend on social media at any of your devices to consume content, are many. Attention deficits, FOMO, social pressure, habits turned into addictions worth seeing a psychiatrist, and a huge loss of meaningful and productive time is by no means exhaustive. Digital Minimalism provides a Practical Guide to Kicking Bad Habits. Simple Secrets That Will Change Your Life.

Xavier Vega doesn’t ask you to trash your smartphone, sell your iPad on eBay, or delete your social media account. Instead, a serious reflection of your habits alongside a quest for the reasons to get addicted to technology, major side effects, and our susceptibility. A digital detox, setting time slots, limiting times to check updates, and turn off notifications are some of the practical tips. The offline world, friendships, leisure activities outside, etc. will benefit from a detox period. New habits must stick by repeating and putting harsh measures on yourself. Take back control of your life. The message could have been more concise, without repeating. Also, the elaboration of mental disorders could have been left to the DSM.

About the author

Since early life, Xavier Vega was interested in a healthy lifestyle. He believes that by changing their lifestyle, individuals can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, addiction, and other chronic diseases. He got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition and Food Science at California State University. He is a nutrition expert and holistic health coach. He is also a registered dietitian nutritionist. In his professional life, Xavier provides nutrition and health advice to his patients in his nutrition counseling clinic. Xavier Vega believes that the combination of science and practical experience helps people to live a long, happy, and fulfilling life. Xavier loves seeing his clients making progress and improvements in life. Occasionally, he gives speeches to community colleges and seminars on personal development, self-improvement, and a healthy lifestyle. Xavier Vega lives with his loving wife Natalia and two children in San Diego, California.

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