Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 1-10 February 2021

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2021 Spotify playlist. Here is the first batch for February.

Monday 1 February: Akos Csejtey – Icy Street

Cold start this morning. Slippery streets covered with ice.

Tuesday 2 February – Armin van Buuren – Yet Another Day

Another day working from home, another press conference without perspective or real news from the government, useless discussions on exceptions and hypothetical cases. I have to find inspiration, motivation, and joy in other places.

Wednesday 3 February: Komosa – Something Better

We’re bound for something better than this. Synthesizer artist Komosa is here to help.

Thursday 4 February: Backslash – Dancing With Tears in My Eyes

It’s #throwbackthursday What about a mid tempo 2021 synth pop cover of UltravoxDancing With Tears in My Eyes (1984) by Claus Backslash?

Friday 5 February: Transatlantic – Heart Like a Whirlwind

Symphonic rock / progressive rock band Transatlantic is back with The Absolute Universe: Forevermore. I selected Heart Like a Whirlwind to illustrate my day.

Saturday 6 February: Eli & Fur – Walk the Line

Walking along the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie in the province of Utrecht. With a twist you end up with Eli & Fur’s Walk the Line.

Sunday 7 February: Ingrid Michaelson – Snowfall

The first serious portion of snowfall today. Welcome winter 2021. Ingrid Michaelson‘s Snowfall album is appropriate.

Monday 8 February: The Weather Station – Heart

Last Friday, I was introduced to The Weather Station‘s Ignorance album. Quite a please to listen to Tamara Lindeman’s voice, gentle, conversational dealing with grief about climate change.

Tuesday 9 February: Digitalism – No Holiday

Full-packed schedule again, no holiday at all. After my regular assignments, I’m helping out a fellow PRINCE2 Foundation trainer who fell ill yesterday.

Wednesday 10 February: Lower Back Pain – Stay at Home Raccoon

Suffering from lower back pain while working full-time from home is not my hobby. There’s a band who used the name and created a song to illustrate the day.