Diana Richardson and Wendy Doeleman – Cool Sex: An essential young adult guide to loving, mindful sex

Where the norm regarding human sexuality is heavily influenced by graphic media, hot movie scenes, advertisements, and pornography, it is a one-sided, unbalanced view of sex. Diana Richardson and Wendy Doeleman present in Cool Sex: An essential young adult guide to loving, mindful sex – yes, written for a young adult audience, but applicable for people of all ages – an alternative. The authors explore tantric sex, which was developed over 1,500 years ago in India. Being in the present, mindful if you want to call it that way, focus on the circular energy flowing from and to your body, instead of in it for hot and steamy, quick arousal, and a need to be finished within minutes.

Breathing techniques, relaxation exercises first bring a deep connection with your body and your partner’s. Whether or not this type of making love ends in intercourse, ejaculation, the instinctive or biological or reproductive target of sex, isn’t important anymore. You need to cool down, reduce the heat to enjoy a relaxed and loving sexual play that could last for hours. The booklet contains lots of practical tips, debuted myths around sexuality, and experiences shared by youngsters that practiced the approaches Richardson and Doeleman propose.

About the authors

Diana Richardson is considered to be one of today’s leading authorities on human sexuality. She is the best-selling author of eight books on how, in practical ways, a person can experience a more fulfilling sex and love life. Born in South Africa in 1954, she first qualified as a lawyer (B.A.LLB) (University of Natal, Durban), and then she trained as a holistic massage therapist (ITEC) in the UK. Her interest in the body and healing prompted an intensely personal exploration into the union of sex and meditation – the essence of neo-tantra – based on the teachings of Osho and Barry Long. Since 1993, together with her partner, Michael, she has been sharing her insights and experiences with couples who travel from many different parts of the world to participate in their informative and life-changing Making Love Retreats in Switzerland, where Diana and Michael are based.

Wendy Doeleman (1970) has a Social Science Degree (University of Utrecht) and worked for many years as a trainer and author in the field of welfare and childcare. Her interest in tantra began in 2005 and since then she has explored a variety of approaches, including participating in the Making Love Retreat with Diana and Michael Richardson. This ground-breaking retreat inspired Wendy to collaborate with Diana and write the book Coole seks, relaxte liefde for young adults, published in Dutch in 2010. She offers Tantra workshops in the Netherlands, mainly for young people, and is committed to sex education from a holistic and conscious point of view. Wendy is a mother of three sons and lives in the Netherlands with her partner Remi.

I received a free advanced review copy of the English translation of Coole seks, relaxte liefde, from John Hunt Publishing Ltd via Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.