Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 1-10 January 2021

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2021 Spotify playlist. Here are the ten first songs of this new year.

Friday 1 January: Gwen Stefani – Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Hello, 2021! It’s me, Henk-Jan collecting songs again for a whole year.

Saturday 2 January: Willem Vermandere – Laat Mie Maar Lopen

I walked over 27 kilometers around Elburg today.

Sunday 3 January: Krezip – You Are Not Alone

Frank van Essen revealed Friday night that he attached the strings (pun intended) to Krezip‘s new single, You Are Not Alone.

Monday 4 January: Dotter – New Year

The first real working day of 2021. It’s good to see colleagues again. Good intentions, hope, and best wishes were shared, next to lots of new meeting invitations and tasks to be executed.

Tuesday 5 January: London Grammar – Lose Your Head

I’d rather not lose my head on 5 January already, but listening to the new London Grammar single is more than acceptable.

Wednesday 6 January: Steps – What the Future Holds

Uplifting electropop by the British Steps. None of us knows what the future holds. Yet, we continue wishing everyone all the best for the New Year these days. Steps sound like a ABBA revival.

Thursday 7 January: Flip Kowlier – Geboren voe te leven

Belgian Flip Kowlier made a relaxed cover in Flemish of the French Patrick HernandezBorn to be Alive (1979). First the video clip of the original disco floor filler, then the 2011 version on #throwbackthursday

Friday 8 January: U2 – Numb

The adage Don’t expect, suggest, is one I really like practicing. Group collaboration on a draft plan for 2021 and then expecting me to already provide them a fully detailed schedule for the upcoming quarters, objectives for the next three years, and only asking questions instead of suggesting solutions, exactly the things we boast about to deliver to our customers. Time for U2’s =”https://open.spotify.com/album/0IYjMBLA9PgtXyRPlLmTDE?si=5XgWhzc6S9CRpSRgK91ppg”>Zooropa (1993) album to help with Numb, where Bono whispers over and over again “Don’t expect, suggest.”

Saturday 9 January: Relaxing Piano Crew – An Ode to Slippery Ice

Walking on slippery, icy roads in Frysian outskirts today.

Sunday 10 January: HAEVN – Throw me a Line

The 2020 concert in Hedon, Zwolle by HAEVN was postponed for known reasons to 21 May 2021. In the meantime, the Dutch band released a new single, a signature song, a call to be saved.