Gabrielle Yetter – Whisper of the Lotus

Gabrielle Yetter used her first-hand experience of living in Cambodia to set the stage for the novel Whisper of the Lotus. Charlotte Fontaine boards an airplane to Cambodia to visit her best friend Roxy, and meets an intriguing gentleman, named Rashid who happened to know her father. Coincidence or fate? In a whirlwind stay and sightseeing of the country, no single meeting is without purpose or meaning, although it’s up to the reader to carefully proceed and remember all the pieces that eventually fall into place. Can Charlotte trace Rashid and her father?

Dark secrets from the past crawl in. Before the unexpected reunion, which is introduced in the prologue can take place, you’re being taken along 57 days of challenging the strength of friendship with Roxy, discoveries of secrets, and multiple dangerous encounters in the land of peacocks, golden temples, Buddhism, monks, prostitutes, and tuk-tuks. Friendly people, all with relatives that can help, offer a place to sleep and eat. Lost letters, a golden ring, strange text messages seem to be clues on a quest for inner peace and belonging. Lots of local flavor adds to the credibility of the fictional narrative. Well done!

About the author

Gabrielle Yetter is a former journalist and freelance writer. Raised in Bahrain and South Africa, she lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years before moving to Cambodia with her husband, Skip, in 2010. While living in Phnom Penh, she wrote The Definitive Guide to Living in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, and The Sweet Tastes of Cambodia (about traditional desserts).

With Skip, she co-wrote Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure (published in June 2015), based on the couple’s experiences of stepping off the proverbial treadmill as well as the stories of dozens of others who changed their lives. In May 2016, she published her first children’s book. Ogden, The Fish Who Couldn’t Swim Straight and in May 2017 published Martha The Blue Sheep. Both stories convey messages of hope, acceptance, and discovery for children of all ages.

I received a free advanced review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.