Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 21-31 December 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the final batch for 2020.

Monday 21 December: LTN – My Home

Working from home, where else?

Tuesday 22 December: Freezepop – Anchor to the World Below

Loneliness doesn’t mark my life, but I see people in my environment suffering. That triggered today’s song selection, a track from the Fantasizer album by American electropop band Freezepop. “Please let me stay just until day, bring me back to earth don’t let me fade away”

Wednesday 23 December: Simbas’Ave & AURORA

German rapport Simbas’Ave collaborated with Norwegian singer AURORA to repent.

Thursday 24 December: Eliza Shaddad – Pure Shores

It’s #throwbackthursday again. Recently, Eliza Shaddad, a Scottish-Sudanese musician based in the UK, released her decent version of All Saints’ 2000 hit Pure Shores.

Friday 25 December: Tori Kelly – Go Tell It On the Mountain

Christmastime with Tori Kelly.

Saturday 26 December: ZO! Gospel Choir – Christmas 365

Amsterdam-based ZO! Gospel Choir offers your Christmas 365 days a year.

Sunday 27 December: Mensenkinderen & Lydia van Maurik – Niet alleen

Human vulnerability needs love. Mensenkinderen (Bas van Nienes) and Lydia van Maurik collaborated on this intimate song.

Monday 28 December: Smooth Jazz Incorporated – Walking in Mud

Guess what I did today.

Tuesday 29 December: CLEWS – Museum

I visited three online exhibitions at Dutch museums today as cultural quarantine or lockdown entertainment.

Wednesday 30 December: Joss Stone – Walk With Me

Even in lockdown we can walk side by side, limited to two persons in companionship.

Thursday 31 December: The Alphabet Zero – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Now

Starship‘s 1987 hit Nothing’s Gonna Stop Now was recently covered by The Alphabet Zero featuring Brad Beal & Kellie Besch. It’s #throwbackthursday and of course New Year’s Eve tonight!