Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 1-10 December 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the first batch in December.

Tuesday 1 December: Sandra McCracken – Call Him Good (Psalm 104)

This evening I share from Psalm 104 at our church’s steering group. Sandra McCracken wrote a theme to this lengthy psalm for God’s Highway (2016)

Wednesday 2 December: Delirious? – My Glorious

For me, the continuous worship of God in the heavenly realm is one of the core messages in the Bible book of Revelation. I selected a song by Delirious? originally on Glo (2000) for today.

Thursday 3 December: Giorgio Moroder & Marko Bussian – Never Ending Story

This #throwbackthursday I selected the Marko Bussian remix of Never Ending Story, the synth-pop hit by Limahl in 1984. The song was actually written by Giorgio Morodor. Quite funny to see a German producer now covering a song written by an German-speaking synthesizer guru from Südtirol, Italy, although the original didn’t make it to the German version of the the movie.

Friday 4 December: Romy – Lifetime

Once in a lifetime, let it happen. UK singer Romy is 1/3 of the XX and this is her debut single.

Saturday 5 December: Diego – De Sinterklaas Medley

Time to celebrate Sinterklaas at home.

Sunday 6 December: Maggie Rogers – One + Off

It doesn’t happen that often, but yesterday night my son’s contribution to a join family session in Spotify drew my attention to American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers. On + Off from her Now the Light is Fading (2017) album.

Monday 7 December: Laura Pausini – Io sì

The closing song in The Life Ahead (La Vita Davanti Sé) (2020) is sung by Laura Pausini: Io sì (Seen).

Tuesday 8 December: Jon Foreman – Behind Your Eyes

There’s so much more behind the occasional “I’m doing fine, thanks. How are you?” A colleague of mine died last week, causing me to cry at noon. COVID-19 impacted others close by. How fragile are we as humans. Jon Foreman on his latest EP Love shares Behind Your Eyes.

Wednesday 9 December: This Afternoon – Language Lessons

Every Wednesday from 5-6 PM I give Dutch conversation lessons to Capgemini colleagues from Indian origin. Well, there’s a song for that 🙂

Thursday 10 December: Torturetekk – Sweet Dreams

It’s #throwbackthursday with Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), the 1983 Eurythmics hit covered by Torturetekk, comprised of Sean & Jo (music) and Lisa J Vocals/Lyrics. Torturetekk is a Athamay side project.