Menahem Misgav – The Mossad Job

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Taken from the plot that a retired secret agent wants to take revenge, not restricted by the agency’s policies or budget, Menahem Misgav wrote The Mossad Job. Protagonist Rotem stumbles upon a former colleague, Meshulam Muller, a Dutch Jew who immigrated to Israel and then recruited into the famous intelligence service. Muller is interviewed on Dutch radio but happens to mix facts and fantasy and put the Mossad in danger.

He invites longtime friends to teach Muller a lesson in a very special way. The narrative focuses so much on the role-play of the sting operation and the preparation, that relatively few pages remain for the actual execution, a weakness in the book. Now, the job is supposed to be completed successfully, although Misgav inserted one unexpected impediment. An easy read, suitable for a beach or comfy chair during the summer holiday. For the inclusion of correct Dutch names and addresses (thanks for the local flavor), the author could better have checked with a local like me.

About the author

Menahem Misgav was born in Jaffa and currently lives in Ramat Hasharon – surrounded by his daughters and grandchildren. A retiree of the Israeli Aerospace Industry. Since his retirement, he’s published several novels, a children’s book, and now crime fiction.

I received a free review copy from Booksgoscial via Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.