James Rourke – Out of the Basement

Outwardly, professor and author Michael Tanner celebrates a high-profile book launch with wisdom and spirituality from “Aristotle, Buddha, Abraham Maslow, Bruce Springsteen, and Metallica woven together, somehow, with the Lord of the Rings and 1984 to make a perfectly clear argument about the necessity of building personal integrity, of seeking and maintaining healthy relationships, the need to maintain hope while struggling through difficult times, and you provide tips on how to apply these lessons to your life.” Q&A sessions on the practicalities and examples from the teachings in Bruce and Buddha: How Rock and Roll and Ancient Wisdom Can Guide your Life rock the author’s boat.

Tanner’s inner life, however, is haunted by childhood abuse, a fierce denial of Christianity’s main tenets, a recent divorce, and a series of women that have played a significant role in becoming who he is now. Frequent, very vivid, cruel , and disturbing nightmares keep him wondering about the meaning of dreams and life in general. Can Michael finally face his demons and overcome his fears on his way Out of the Basement?

What seemed to be another book in a book motive from a devoted Bruce Springsteen fan, turned out to be a convincing coming of age novel that appeals to the personal struggles we all may face, though hopefully less severe.

About the author

James Rourke has been a high school of teacher of history, psychology, and philosophy for twenty-five years. His commitment to the idea that these three disciplines can assist his students to connect not only with his material, but to the unifying aspects of humanity, also guides his writing. The Comic Book Curriculum is praised for revealing “how major superheroes and their stories raise some of the deepest and most important ethical and psychological questions we all need to ask and answer.” This aspect of storytelling, the quest to tell stories that entertan, challenge, and uplift the reader, inspires James in his fiction as well

I received a free advanced review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.