Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 21-31 October 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the third batch in October.

Wednesday 21 October: Birdy – If This Is Now

Birdy‘s new single, If This Is Now, completes these ten days sequence. It’s the lead single for her Piano Sketches.

Thursday 22 October: Howard Shore – Many Meetings

Story of today: many meetings.

Friday 23 October: The Echoing Green – I Forget

Finally, Violent Whispers: Songs & Stories from The Echoing Green (2002-2018) is out as a teaser for an all-new album. I Forget is of the new songs on this evergreen, remix, remaster compilation. It sounds like the Aurora 7.2 era of the 1990s.

Saturday 24 October: John Doucette & Tony Cavallo – Loss of a Child

Hearing that one of the squad members lost his child is sad news on Saturday evening.

Sunday 25 October: Sea of Sin & Covered in Snow – Turn Back Time

Bye-bye daylight saving time. The clocks had to be turned back resulting in getting up in the dark as well as early evening darkness for the next months.

Monday 26 October: Christafari – 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

10,000 is the current rate of daily confirmed COVID-19 contaminations in the Netherlands. I can be worried or choose to stay thankful for every single day that I’m healthy and have 9,999 other reasons to express my gratitude to the Lord.

Tuesday 27 October: Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

A cemetery in Utrecht this morning was the bizarre and unplanned location to meet colleagues and bury a very young child.

Wednesday 28 October: Jaël – Reminded for Life

Life goes on. Swiss singer Jaël is back with new songs.

Thursday 29 October: Anna of the North – Believe

Anna of the North, indeed from Norway, released an EP after her cover of Cher‘s Believe (1998). #throwbackthursday

Friday 30 October: BTS – Autumn Leaves

My youngest daughter is in love with K-pop. She was happy with today’s choice for BTS to illustrate the feeling and view. She immediately provided the English lyrics.

Saturday 31 October: Matthijs Kieboom – The Veluwe

Time to walk from Apeldoorn to Arnhem over the hills and valleys of National Park The Veluwe.