Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 21-30 September 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the last batch in September.

Monday 21 September: GentleMann & JJ Mist – The Sun Keeps Shining

Yet another day working from home in shorts and a t-shirt.

Tuesday 22 September: Erik Mikkelsen & Nixti – Negative Results

Fortunately, our daughter tested negative for COVID-19 last Sunday, so she heard early Tuesday morning.

Wednesday 23 September: Solgior – Last Days of Summer

This could be the last day of summer 2020.

Thursday 24 September: Samantha Harvey – Get To Know You

Our off-site with IT leads today intended to get to know each other a lotter better. We succeeded.

Friday 25 September: ToneStrapz – Action Impacty

Action + Impact is the theme for the two-days TED @ PMI virtual conference.

Saturday 26 September: KronoGram – Photo Shooting

Late afternoon we went to a nearby forest to let one of my birthday presents become reality, a family photo shoot.

Sunday 27 September: Michael W. Smith – Conversation

Michael W. Smith released a piano-based version of Conversation (electropop original is on A Million Lights (2018)): “Oh these days I’m at a distance. Sirens scream but I don’t listen. There’s a million distractions I can’t escape like I’m sleepwalking now but I’m wide awake, and the picture I painted I want to change right now, right now. Bring me into the conversation.”

Monday 28 September: Eric Reprid – Grey Skies

Summer’s over, grey skies rule today.

Tuesday 29 September: Yumi Zouma – Second Wave

COVID-19 second wave is here, no denial possible.

Wednesday 30 September: Aly & Fila + Plumb

Plumb wrote Somebody Loves You for her 2018 album Beautifully Broken. Recently, the track was remixed by Aly & Fila into a vocal trance anthem.
“…And I can’t fix you. And I can’t change you, but I can love you just the way you are. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. I’m scared you go too far. When tear can turn into an ocean of regret. So don’t forget: somebody loves you.”