Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 11-20 August 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the second batch in August.

Tuesday 11 August: Jorge Garcia – Nobody Knows I’m Here

Yesterday night, I watched Nadie Sabe Que Estoy Aquí (2020). This is the theme song

Wednesday 12 August: 12 Stones – Sever

It’s been 18 years since I discovered 12 Stones as alternative to King’s X. They’re still active. The Christian post-grunge band just released Sever, which hints at an upcoming album.

Thursday 13 August: ZZ Top – Sleeping Bag

It’s #throwbackthursday and the first time this summer I slept in our garden in a sleeping bag. Let’s hear it from ZZ Top from their 1985 Afterburner album’s opening track.

Friday 14 August: The Sunset Society – Summer Is Here to Stay

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday 15 August: Loma Libraries – Damp Morning

Clammy day, damp morning, sweat everywhere while walking.

Sunday 16 August: Red Rocks Worship – On Earth As in Heaven

The sermon this morning about heaven being open for earthlings, as promised to Jakob in a dream in Bethel (Jakob’s Ladder, Stairway to Heaven), promised by Jesus Christ (You will see the angels ascend to and descend from heaven), and testified about by the apostle Stephen (I see the heavens open wide) inspired the song about the prayer that God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Monday 17 August: Anurag Saikia & Suvarna Tiwari – Hayo Rabba

Yesterday, I watched the Hindi movie Thappad (The Slap) about domestic violence and how to react. Well worth watching.

Tuesday 18 August: Clara Mae & gnash – Overused

It could have been an Oh Wonder tune, but it’s Clara Mae featuring gnash. Clara Mae’s real name is Clara Hagman, from 2009-2012 a member of the Swedish pop band Ace of Base. gnash may be known of his hit i hate you, i love you.

Wednesday 19 August: Uhl Vintage Music – Coronavirus Blues

COVID-19 is spreading instead of diminishing. Work from home remains the norm for many months to come. Private gatherings were restricted tonight to six guests. Sing me the blues.

Thursday 20 August: Roosevelt – Echoes

Will I be dancing and singing to new Roosevelt tunes in March 2021 on his UK & Europe tour?