Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 1-10 July 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the first ten days in July.

Wednesday 1 July: Thrillshuck – Meetings

Meetings fill my agenda. There’s a song for that.

Thursday 2 July: Pentatonix – Dreams

This #throwbackthursday is dedicated to The CranberriesDreams (1993), recently covered by U.S. a capella group Pentatonix in their let’s make music during COVID-19 effort.

Friday 3 July: LookLA & Nikonn – Forever

Each Friday, new music is waiting to be played. Out of the many tracks I scanned, here’s Forever by British duo LookLA remixed by Nikonn. That sounds more upbeat and way better than the original on the S / H / E album (2019).

Saturday 4 July: John Mayer – New Light

One of the two museums I visited because the rainy weather had an exposition on New Light. There’s a song for that by John Mayer.

Sunday 5 July: Oslo Gospel Choir – Get Together

For the first time since 8 March, we got together in church for a Sunday morning service. Goodbye to the live stream through Youtube, welcome to my fellow believers in Dedemsvaart and Balkbrug. Taking you back to 1992, Oslo Gospel Choir sang about the need to get together.

Monday 6 July: Julia-Lotta – Ja, nej eller kanske

A Scandipop song like today’s weather, Julia-Lotta‘s Ja, nej eller kanske (Yes, No, or Maybe).

Tuesday 7 July: Whitney Tai – Electrified

First-time public charging in Balkbrug, first experiment with the Enel X JuicePass app and unlimited charging throughout July for only €30. Was it a coincidence to find Whitney Tai‘s Electrified in the Pansentient New Synthpop Daily?

Wednesday 8 July: SUNMI – pporappippam

Our youngest daughter is a true K-pop fan. If COVID-19 wouldn’t be around, this would be the time for her to be in Rotterdam at the BTS concert. Until 2020 we shared a Spotify account, the reason why every now and then K-pop appears on the Release Radar playlists. Acts like SUNMI know how to deliver synth-pop songs, I have to admit.

Thursday 9 July: Crystal Lewis – Frustrated

Do you get frustrated when someone else is sharing his? It made me think of Frustrated, the opening track of Beyond the Charade (1987) by the then young Crystal Lewis. #throwbackthursday

Friday 10 July: Oceanside85 & Color Theory – Neon Lights

A smooth synth-pop track to finish off this work week by Color Theory and Oceanside85.