Gregory Peart – You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh : No Fluff. No Theories. 35 Humor Techniques that Work for Everyday Conversations

You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh is not a book full of witty jokes but examines techniques on how conversations and lines can be funny and make people laugh. Gregory Peart explains the rationale for effective techniques with real-life examples (over 250 in total!) and homework to practice. Exaggerations, silly counter questions, the use of pop culture, alternative ways to deliver words.

I must admit that I didn’t study all techniques by heart. That’s not what Peart had in mind. If you get inspired by a single technique or finally understand why your jokes didn’t work out in the past, that’s okay.

About the author

Gregory Peart, M.Ed., is the founder of, the place for awesome social skills techniques, tips, and general life advice.

Thanks to BookSirens and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.