Rohit Bhargava – Non-Obvious Megatrends

For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava’s annual Non-Obvious Trend Reports sought to touch upon the trends happening before our eyes instead of attempting to predict the future. The approach Bhargava takes is coined The Haystack Method, one he explains well in the first part of his this latest book, Non-Obvious Megatrends. The other parts are devoted to an extensive review of the past reports to see which trends actually stack, which were disruptive innovations, and which turned out to be a one-hit-wonder.

Revisiting all kinds of we now take for granted but were brand new or unthinkable just a decade ago, illustrates how fast our world is changing, and yet we’re able to cope with all things mobile, online, social media, shipped from China and delivered by the Deliveroo, Uber, and the likes.

As a kind of self-help or DIY you can apply the Haystack Method for identifying trends, and how you can learn to curate and predict trends for yourself.

About the author

Rohit Bhargava is the author of six books on topics as wide ranging as how to bring more humanity back to business and how to see things other miss. His signature WSJ bestselling annual book about trends is called Non-Obvious. Rohit’s books have won multiple international awards, shortlisted for the Leonard L. Berry Book Award and been translated into 15 languages.

He believes in listening before talking and helps his readers to be more interesting. According to his business card, Rohit is a “Trend Curator, Storyteller and Nice Guy.”

I received a free review copy from Ideapress Publishing through, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.