Peter Yang – The Art of writing : Four Principles for Great Writing that Everyone Needs to Know

If you want to stand out as a writer, whether your aim is a fictional piece of art, a non-fiction book, or your next blog post, it’s good to know key principles. In the short-read The Art of Writing, Peter Yang highlights four principles for great writing. It’s a very practical guide on economy, transparency, variety, and harmony. Writing is an art, and artistic writers are cognizant of theiur audience’s values, sincere to their readers, not obsessed with perfection, and flexible with the four principles.

Economy is a matter of using the fewest words to produce the most meaning. Transparent writing is lucid and explicit. Writing that lacks variety is like food that lacks seasoning. A written work is like a piece of music: the chapters are the musical phrases, the paragraphs are the chords, and the sentences the notes. Harmony is needed. Only then, a whole is greater than the sum of its part. Anyone can learn to write artistically.

About the author
Peter Yang is an international #1 bestselling author, award-winning Canadian writer, and public speaker. Born with a nose for narrative and news, Peter’s journalistic efforts have appeared in many different papers and other news outlets across Ontario and beyond.

Apart from his literary career, Peter is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of helping early stage companies. He is the founder and CEO of Reviewerly, a tech startup focused on gathering customer reviews for online brands.