Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 21-31 May 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the last batch in May.

Thursday 21 May: Chorale for Ascension Day

Friday 22 May: Lacey Sturm – The Decree

It’s Friday, time for a new Release Radar. Lacey Sturm‘s back with a new, heavy solo track.

Saturday 23 May: Leonard Cohen – Anthem

Today I was challenged to look closely to a wooden sculpture in Hattem. The information panel referred to Anthem by Leonard Cohen: “There’s a crack in everything.”

Sunday 24 May: Noa – Legal Tenderness

The Golden Rule, one of the two most high commands by God: love your neighbor as yourself. Tonight, Noa & Gil Dor streamed live on Instagram and Facebook from Tel Aviv, Israel to ‘compensate’ their fans of which I’m one that would have loved to see her sing live in Paradiso Amsterdam on 24 March 2020. Noa asked for requests. I asked for Love Love Love from her 2015 Love Medicine album. The Israeli singer-songwriter announced a new Hebrew song that was about to be released on Youtube on Monday. The lyrics were based on an article David Grossman, one of my favorite Israeli authors, published in Ha’Aretz in March on the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The result is Legal Tenderness, English subtitles are in the Youtube video. Is it a coincidence that our oldest daughter started reading The Zigzag Kid by David Grossman this weekend?


Monday 25 May: Elliot Goldenthal – Self-portrait with Hair Down

In week three of the Modern Art and Ideas course I’m participating in – highly recommended, by the way, it’s on Coursera and brought by the Museum of Modern Art – I was introduced tonight to Frida Kahlo‘s Self-portrait with cropped hair (1940). And, surprisingly, there’s a very special song about the same painting by Elliot Goldental from the Original Motion Picture Frida (2002) featuring Salma Hayek.

Tuesday 26 May: Young Lions – Keep Learning

Permanent education, Lifelong learning, micro learning whenever, wherever you are….story of my life, decades after graduating. Providing training, learn to train better, enhance my knowledge level of hot topics. Time for music.

Wednesday 27 May: Cannons – Bright Lights

Summer like weather. Shorts and t-shirts while working from home. Let’s enjoy the Bright Lights.

Thursday 28 May: Carly Rae Jepsen & Bleachers – Comeback

Last week, Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen surprised her fans with a new album, Dedicated Side B. I picked Comeback featuring Bleachers.

Friday 29 May: Skillet – Finish Line

After more than 355,000 steps since the opening of the virtual Pronkjewailpad with the Pronkjewailspel app on 9 May, I reached the finish line tonight.

Saturday 30 May: Les Frangines – Emmène-la

Today I walked 39 kilometers around Emmen in Drenthe. There’s no song about Emmen, I found out on Spotify, although the French tongue in cheek Emmène-la (take her) comes close.

Sunday 31 May: Petra – Holy Ghost Power

Sunday of Pentecost, on which we celebrate that the Holy Spirit was poured out on the believers in Jesus Christ. Power, comfort, certainty all come from Him. A throwback in time with rock band Petra from their 1977 album Come and Join Us.