Jon S. Rennie – I Have the Watch : Becoming a Leader Worth Following

The three important parts of leadership are people, influence, and goal. Where Simon Sinek puts influence on top, upholding Steve Jobs for his brilliant leadership at Apple, Robert Cialdini simplifies leadership to influence, many management books focus on goal (purpose-driven, result-oriented, added value activities), former submarine officer Jon S. Rennie puts people on top. Especially in America, people glorified leadership. It pays off in monetary terms, recognition, career development. On the flipside, few leaders actually got proper training to become a leader.

Here’s where I Have the Watch – Becoming a Leader Worth Following jumps in. Rennie shares lessons learned from his navy experience. Several lists of dos and don’ts to end up with unstoppable teams (other authors would use adjectives like successful or effective). Leadership is a paradox. Leadership matters because it is absolutely critical for building, coordinating, and motivating a group of people to accomplish complex and difficult tasks. On the other hand, leadership doesn’t matter. An experienced team, properly motivated, can achieve difficult objectives with very little leadership involvement. Leading is not about you as a leader. Wisdom and practical insights combined into a compact guide.

About the author
Jon S. Rennie
Cold War submarine officer-turned-startup CEO Jon S. Rennie has led nine industrial manufacturing businesses across four different companies, including Peak Demand, the company he co-founded. Prior to entering the private sector, Rennie was a nuclear missile officer on the USS Tennessee. He holds an engineering degree from WPI and a masters from Cambridge. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife and two children.

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