Carolanne Miljavac – She Laughs : Choosing Faith over Fear

What an absolute joy it was to read She Laughs : Choosing Faith over Fear. Rather than a regular Bible study on female characters or putting herself in the center of attention, Carolanne Miljavac is writing in a very relatable way, yet sharing some of her lessons she has taken the hard way when it comes to Christian faith in action. Who doesn’t want to be in control, struggles with fears and uncertainties, and has a tough time forgiving what others, especially loved ones, did to you? Which other Christian author wrote phrases like: “If you don’t know what your husband’s pee smells like, are you even married?” And did you ever hear a Christian sister testify¬† to have to cut her sports bra off with scissors, after being strapped. Nope, Carolanne is not your average marriage counsellor.

Without referencing to Sarah in particular, she laughs, despite fears and longing for material things, expects her salvation and help from the Lord, God Almighty. To laugh keeps to humble, honest, and transparent on all human things, stupid situations, and bizarre encounters in daily life on our quest to peace and love.

About the author
With over 100 million video views and 450 thousand social media followers, CA miljavac has become the “Go To Girl” for a good laugh, motivation, loving truths and vulnerability. She can pull your heart strings while tapping your funny bone with a message of beauty from ashes. Her purpose in life is to spread love and joy, without sacrificing honesty and truth.

She believes we all have a story to tell. Abandoned, abused, broken and lost, grief taught her gratitude, pain gave her purpose, and loss revealed true love. Faith gave her wings to fly above fear, and she is on a mission to lovingly kick you out of your nest too!

I got a chance to read this book for free, thanks to publisher Shiloh Run Press and Netgalley in exchange for my unbiased, personal review.