Raphael Collazo – The Millennial Playbook: The Young Professional’s Guide To Getting Ahead At Work

Raphael Collazo helps today’s young professional embarking work life. From personal development to an outstanding LinkedIn profile, negotiating salary level to dealing with feedback. The Millennial Playbook: The Young Professional’s Guide To Getting Ahead At Work continues to navigate the workplace: emotions, leadership, management styles, delegating, deep work, building your personal brand, and handing over to pursue a next career step. For more seasoned professionals, the playbook may be a helpful resource too, especially if you want to become a manager or develop your leadership skills. Lead yourself, then lead others, which should be the morale for young professionals as well. You’re not alone, together we achieve more, and many corporations are in essence people businesses. Learn to deal with it, partly by reading insightful books like Collazo’s, partly by experiencing life.

About the author
Raphael Collazo is a millennial author, coach, professional keynote speaker and editor of The Strong Professional blog. An engineer by trade, Raphael has applied his analytical thinking to researching and condensing the most useful and effective strategies for millennials into actionable content. He s the author of the Millennial Playbook Series which a series that focuses on topics related to Millennial personal and professional development. He’s spoken to thousands of students and professionals across the United States and abroad and works with Millennials from all walks of life to help them reach their goals. Originally from northeast Italy, he’s had the opportunity to live in 7 countries, visit 40, and meet people from all over the world. Raphael graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 where he studied industrial engineering and economics.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.