Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 21-31 March 2020

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2020 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the last part of this quarter.

Saturday 21 March: Markus Schultz & Emma Hewitt – Safe form Harm

I enjoyed walking. Healing of the plantar fascia inflammation really is progressing. I completed a 43kms hike safe from harm.

Sunday 22 March: Weird Al Yankovic – Virus Alert

COVID-19 and Corona led to NL alert messages at noontime, panic attacks among Facebook friends, and the daily overdose of ‘news’.

Monday 23 March: The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me

The minority of the Dutch that despite all alerts, recommendations, and governmental measures neglected the risks, caused the government to reinforce and tighten measures. People that can’t even can take a simple measure like 1.5 meters of distance from each other, behave irresponsibly. Thanks to these them, public life more or less will be silenced until June 1.

Tuesday 24 March: Young Gun Silver Fox – Distance Between Us

Social distancing is no new term, but certainly one of the key concepts of 2020.

Wednesday 25 March: Moodwain – Flattenthecurve

COVID-19 casualties easily become a daily updated statistic. Flatten the curve is a formal goal that justifies governments to lock down whole countries.

Thursday 26 March: Muddy Waters – Nineteen Years Old

One of our daughters is nineteen years old today. Time to celebrate in a family setting to keep social distance to others.

Friday 27 March: Aurosonic & Neev Kennedy

Let’s have a smooth EDM track to kick off this weekend. Russian trance act Aurosonic collaborated with Irish singer-songwriter Neev Kennedy on this brand new single.

Saturday 28 March: Vanessa Carlton – Loves is an Art

Vanessa Carlton released the new album Loves is an Art yesterday. I picked the title song for today.

Sunday 29 March: Evan Gia – Stepping Stones

For the third time in ten days I passed the stepping stones in De Ommerschans on a daily walk around the village.

Monday 30 March: Christafari – Pandemic

Christian reggae band Christafari released their Covid-19 Quarantine Anthem, Pandemic.

Tuesday 31 March: Stephani B – Caught in the Middle

Stephani B‘srelease of the year, “Caught In The Middle” is a catchy co-write by Stephani, alongside French producer Harry Maisonneuve. It certainly reveals some great, music-making chemistry between the collaborators. The song is lively and bubbly and really seems to suit Stephani’s newcomer aesthetic to a tee.