Laura Carlin – Requiem for a Knave

Set in the Middle Ages using a lot of ancient English vocabulary, Requiem for a Knave by Laura Carlin cost me some time to really get accustomed to. Until 20% or so in the novel, I could have halted my reading effort easily. Later on, when the first confrontation of Alwin of Whittaker with crimes against a young nun takes place, the plot gripped me, and never loosened again.

Raised as a boy, a farmer’s son, a child that any father should be proud of, Alwin has been never been told about his true father and sex. All has to do with the patriarchal de Marshes family, and their urge to have a male heir. Alwin’s sent on a quest by his dying mother. Father Oswald serves as a guide and protector. The endeavor brings many unexpected encounters, love, and temptations to kill mean men. This coming of age, becoming independent and finding true love historical fiction is composed well and kept me entertained for more than five hours.

About the author

Laura Carlin  left school at 16, she turned to writing after 28 years of working for a local bank. She lives in Derbyshire with her civil partner, two children and a Siamese cat called Antigone.

I received a free review copy from publisher Hodder & Stoughton via Netgalley in exchange for my persona, unbiased opinion.