David Greis – Un-Plugged-In

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Un-Plugged-In by David Greis has an alternating protagonist, Bryan and his girlfriend Jamie, living and acting in both the ’90s and the current decennium. For the reader this twisted plotted love story with an abundance of details of artists and bands, actors, and technology may sometimes be overwhelming, especially in the first part. Where am I? Did I read this before, or is this set of alternative versions of the truth what’s really happening in the analog or digital world?

Are we dealing with bipolar syndrome patients? Is Bryan stalking Jamie? Or is Jamie over-exposing herself on Instagram, while enjoying the attention by male followers on Tinder and cheating on Bryan? And then there’s the unsolved mystery of a campus scandal, in which a certain Smearhead targets Jamie as well suggesting that she paid with sex for getting a position. Will technology or true love survive? My advice: leave out a ton of details and deepen the character development instead.

About the author

David A. Greis thinks about tech, writes about tech, and even works with tech. His last name is pronounced like “grace.” When not tech-ing, you can find him trying to get better at his hobbies, surfing and salsa-ing.

I received a free review copy through Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion after reading.