Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 11-20 November

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the second leg of November 2019.

Monday 11 November: The Naked and Famous – Sunseeker

What a difference compared to yesterday’s winter like sunny Sunday. It’s a grey and rainy Monday. Let’s seek the sun with the latest The Naked and Famous single.

Tuesday 12 November: Charlie Peacock & Sam Asworth – Top of the Beautiful

Contrary to his recent jazz endeavours, Nashville veteran Charlie Peacock offers a fresh pop track, a collaboration with his son, singer-songwriter and producer Sam Asworth.

Wednesday 13 November: PRXZM – New Car

I’ve got a brand new car, and I’d like to take you for a coast ride in December.

Thursday 14 November: Slowcheeta, Dee MC, Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire – Shuru Karein Kya

This evening, I watched Article 15 on Netflix, a drama crime fiction movie touching the very sensitive discrimination on caste and group rape of underage teenage girls in India.

Friday 15 November: Handsome Poets – Giant

It took a while, but the Dutch Handsome Poets are back as or with a Giant. Their English is still recognizable as Dutch. The pop rock song is okay.

Saturday 16 November: La Wren – Dream Girl

Yesterday, The Echoing Green‘s Joey Belville mentioned the release of La Wren‘s new single on Instagram. Belville produced this track that reminded me of the Dakoda Motor Co.

Sunday 17 November: Christafari – Blessed Assurance

This morning we had a boy baptized in our church. Just like me in 1987, he chose Blessed Assurance (penned in 1873) as a song to illustrate his conviction why it’s better to be buried proverbally with Christ and rise in a new life.

Monday 18 November: New Life Generation – Blue Monday – RMP Remix Edit

New Life Generation reworked New Order’s 1983 hit Blue Monday.

Tuesday 19 November: Ziggy Marley – Rainbow in the Sky

Wednesday 20 November: Blank & Jones – Three/C

Agile Project Management content still buzzing around in my mind. Card, Conversation, and Confirmation to illustrate the three critical components of user stories.