Scott Sambucci – Stop Hustling, Start Scaling: Ramp Up Your Startup’s Repeatable Revenue with The Q Framework

Serial entrepreneur Scott J Sambucci has a lot of experience to offer you if you’re starting up a B2B company. Theoretical books on multi-step sales processes, ROI calculation, or the finance part are abundant. And where succesful entrepreneurs write down their stories, in retrospective it’s less obvious why and how they actually made it, where others failed.

Sambucci structures his approach, coined Q Framework, understanding that you, your customers, market, investors, team, and your family are critical success factors. What matters most is doing the right work, focusing on the right outcomes and tracking the right metrics. Which problem are you solving? What’s the unique product or service for the smallest audience possible you’re conveying? Repeatability means that you can hand your approach to a team to own, operate, and improve. That’s crucial to scale up, because in that phase of your company you’re not able to do everything yourself. The author elaborates the need for a sales funnel, and adequately selling the product or service, avoiding worthless meetings and contacts. In the end, it’s about getting paid enough to keep your business alive.

End of chapter assignments, calls to actions, and an invitation to get Scott’s consult and support to help growing your business are the challenges he poses to you. Are you ready to Stop Hustling: Start Scaling?

About the author

Over the last 20 years, Scott J. Sambucci built the sales teams, process, and products for two successful start-ups in Silicon Valley, and now working on #3. All of the ideas he shares in his books are from own learning, personal experience, most importantly, mistakes he has made along the way. :o)

Scott is also a teacher and university lecturer, leading courses in Pricing Strategy, Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at several universities, and he’s been awarded several teaching awards along the way.

As the Founder of SalesQualia, everything he does focuses on improving sales performance so you can sell more stuff. When he’s not selling or writing about selling, he keeps a personal blog and works on various forms of fiction – short stories, novels, and life observations. To keep himself mentally balanced, he loves the challenge of endurance events such a long-distance running and triathlons.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.