Diane Weston – Small Talk: Why Small Talk is the Secret Ingredient to Connect with Others and Make Everyday Life Easier

Communication is one of our social skills, but every initial step, often small talk, is difficult for a lot of people. Diane Weston comes to the rescue with her book Small Talk: Why Small Talk is the Secret Ingredient to Connect with Others and Make Everyday Life Easier. It’s a non-technical book with useful basic models and acronyms to help to start, continue, and finish a conversation with a stranger instantly.

Additionally, the book contains tons of best practice examples for conversation starters, ways to avoid conversation black holes and elegantly exit a conversation. Techniques like Schulz von Thun’s four-ear model of communication, ARE, and FORD is illustrated by realistic examples to show what the conversational flow would look like, and how each step extends the previous ones and explores common interests or hooks to trigger questions and answers. As expected Diane pays a lot of attention to the importance of open questions, do’s and don’ts, too-sensitive topics for a first chat, and effective ways to leave a conversation with a person you don’t find interesting (anymore). Small Talk is practical and accessible.

About the author

Diane always considered herself an introvert, but always strived to break out of her shy exterior. As she grew older, she put her mind to learning how to thrive as an introvert in an extrovert world. So she could tackle her shyness and no longer fear the social situations she had grown accustomed to avoiding. This took her on a journey of studying all there was to know about communication and how it affects our everyday lives.

After completing her studies in Communication and Media Studies, she embarked on a career as a public relations specialist in a fortune 500 company. Now, although still an introvert, she no longer fears the social encounters that once held her back from living her life to the full. In fact, she actually now looks forward to them.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.